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The Men in Pink

The Men in Pink

Posted By Bethany Brooks, Esq.

“Why are all of the players wearing pink?” I remember asking
my father about a decade ago. I was watching the National Football League
as usual, but my appreciation for my favorite sport grew immensely that
October afternoon. Like so many other organizations, charities, and fundraisers,
the NFL chose to use its national platform to support Breast Cancer Awareness
Month in true NFL style: by having 300-pound men wear hot pink during games.

When it comes to breast cancer, we are all on the same side. Across races,
religions, ages, genders, and every other classification, everyone wants
to find a cure. The best ways to do that are by donating money to research
and treatment institutions, and creating further awareness.

October is the unofficial start to the “giving season,” as
a majority of charitable donations are made from now through the holiday
season at the end of the year. When choosing a place to donate, do some
preliminary research to make sure that your donation is going directly
to the cause. You can also donate your time by volunteering!

While giving money is important, raising awareness is even more so. I mentioned
that there are several huge organizations that already fight to raise
awareness about breast cancer, but you, personally, can help too. Discuss
breast cancer with others, get informed, volunteer, and please – men
and women – get regular screenings. You can visit to learn more about free screenings, and where to donate or volunteer.

October is an important month, as the societal conversation turns to breast
cancer awareness. This giving season, consider giving part of yourself,
whether it is your time, your money, or simply your voice.