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HGSK Secures Consumer Protection Law Decision

Posted By Haggerty, Goldberg, Schleifer & Kupersmith, P.C.

In Grimes v. Enterprise Leasing Company,
Jim Haggerty of HGSK represented the plaintiff in a consumer protection law claim against
Enterprise Leasing. In that case, Christina Grimes had leased a car for
the weekend from Enterprise Leasing. The total costs associated with the
weekend lease was less than $80.00. When she returned the car to Enterprise
Leasing, Christina Grimes was told that she was now responsible for a
scratch on the roof of the car and would be assessed in excess of $800.00
in expenses for repair costs, administrative fees, diminishment of value
and loss of use of the damaged vehicle. She opposed these claims.

HGSK represented Christina Grimes against Enterprise Leasing before the
Superior and Supreme Courts. As a result of her opposition to the claims,
Enterprise Leasing agreed to withdraw the claims for damages. While the
Supreme Court did not allow Christina Grimes to pursue her consumer protection
law claim since she had sustained no “ascertainable loss” (since
Enterprise had withdrawn its unconscionable claims) Christina Grimes nonetheless
was not assessed damages for the alleged scratch. HGSK undertook the representation
of Christina Grimes in its commitment to represent individuals in connection
with outrageous actions by insurance companies and self-insured entities
throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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