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Can I sue insurance company for denying claim?

Can I sue insurance company for denying claim?

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer in Philadelphia Explains How to Handle an Unfair Insurance Company

You have faithfully paid those insurance premiums month after month, year after year, without ever needing to make a claim. And then tragedy strikes, usually due to the reckless, careless, or negligent conduct of another person. Fortunately, you feel some relief because your insurance company is there in your time of need—or so you thought—until they delayed paying your claim, undervalued your claim, or even outright denied a valid claim. Our bad faith insurance lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, knows that if this situation sounds familiar to you, you may have a claim against your insurance company.

When an insurance company denies a valid claim, grossly underpaid a claim, or is very slow in processing a claim, a policyholder may suffer severe and catastrophic consequences. Personal property damage may worsen, such as a leaky roof becoming a major indoor mold problem for your home in Rittenhouse Square. Or an auto insurance company simply will not tender the policy when the injuries in a crash on Broad Street in Philly, even if these injuries far exceed that policy limit. These are both common examples of bad faith insurance claims that the lawyers at Haggerty, Goldberg, Schleifer, & Kupersmith, P.C. in Philadelphia, PA, can handle for you.

What is a Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

A bad faith insurance claim may apply to many kinds of insurance, such as motor vehicle insurance, property insurance, and even health insurance. A bad faith claim is more than not being pleased with a low settlement amount. Bad faith happens when a company acts unfairly or dishonestly.

All insurance policyholders expect that their insurance company will treat them reasonably and fairly. They expect their company to provide insurance protection and that the company will do their part and timely review and pay a claim. When the insurance company or adjuster lies or takes part in unfair tactics to settle your claim, they do not act in good faith.

You should have the experienced bad faith insurance lawyers at HGSK in Philadelphia, PA, to review your case to see if they may help you recover financial damages in a civil lawsuit.

Typical Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Claims in Philly

  1. Not reviewing your claim within a reasonable time period.
  2. Ignoring your attempts to communicate with the insurance company.
  3. Pressuring, intimidating, or harassing you or any witnesses.
  4. Requesting that you provide overwhelming amounts of documentation that is not necessary.
  5. Lying or misrepresenting the details of your policy.
  6. Denying your claim that is covered under your policy without a good reason.
  7. Denying your valid claim without a proper investigation.

When your insurance company lets you down in any of the above situations, or even one that is not listed here, we want to help you. You have already suffered a property loss or a personal injury, and the suffering should stop.

Need Help in Philadelphia Against a Difficult or Unfair Insurance Company? We Can Help

If you believe that you are a victim of a bad faith insurance claim, you want to have our experienced bad faith insurance attorneys at HGSK fight for your rights and bring a legal claim for financial compensation. Learn how we can help you during a FREE consultation by calling (267) 350-6600 or using our “contact us” box available here.