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HGSK: Raising Breast Cancer Awareness In Women And Health Care Providers

Posted By Haggerty, Goldberg, Schleifer & Kupersmith, P.C.

HGSK actively supported Breast Cancer Awareness throughout the month of
October, 2014, and participated in the National campaign to raise awareness
of the disease. A hallmark aspect of the Awareness Campaign has been and
remains the ‘early detection’ of breast cancer. Given the nature
of the disease, the Awareness Campaign correctly educates women that breast
cancer treatment and survivability is dramatically improved when the disease
is detected in its early stages. Self-examination and routine medical
monitoring through gynecologic visits and mammogram studies are essential
elements taught in the Awareness plan aimed toward early recognition.
Women now diligently self-examine, religiously visit their gynecologists,
and undergo annual mammogram studies.

However, in an unfortunate number of instances, gynecologists and radiologists
commit medical errors/medical malpractice by failing to recognize detectable breast cancer. Breast lumps are commonly
ignored or disregarded as benign findings or cysts during gynecologic
breast examinations, and appreciable masses are misread by radiologists
on mammogram reviews. In some instances, a gynecologist or radiologist
may detect some form of pathology, but erroneously recommend the female
patient return for follow up in one year rather than, for example, instructing
a return visit in six weeks after the next menstrual cycle. In other cases,
findings on mammogram which should have led the physicians to order additional
testing, such as ultrasound or MRI studies, fail to carry those recommendations.

If this occurs to you or someone you know, the gynecologist or radiologist
may be legally responsible for causing a delay in the diagnosis of breast
cancer, and for allowing the cancer to worsen (in Staging), grow (in tumor
size), spread to lymph nodes or other body parts (aka metastasize). Delayed
diagnosis can change the course of a woman’s treatment options from
one who may have had a lumpectomy with radiation into one who now needs
a mastectomy with radiation and chemotherapy.

HGSK’s Medical Malpractice attorneys have the knowledge, experience,
and required resources to help you determine if you have been a victim
of medical malpractice relating to a delayed diagnosis of breast cancer.
Medical providers who offer services in the area of women’s health
issues, including breast cancer, must lead the way in assisting women
with early detection. When they fail to do so, the legal system provides
a remedy that allows us to help you bring errors to their attention, seek
justice, and demand more diligent health care for women’s needs. HGSK
is dedicated to this process. We are committed to raising Breast Cancer
Awareness, not only in women but also in their healthcare providers.