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Attorney Schleifer Promoted

Posted By Haggerty, Goldberg, Schleifer & Kupersmith, P.C.

Recently, one of our founding attorneys,
Charles J. Schleifer, was just promoted from a New Member to an Experienced Member of the Disciplinary
Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. The goal of the Disciplinary
Board is to protect the public, maintain the integrity of the legal profession,
and safeguard the reputation of the courts.

The Board has exclusive jurisdiction over attorney discipline, developed
the structure of the current system, provided for full-time counsel, and
appointing members to the Board and to Hearing Committees. The entire
purpose of the organization is to regulate the conduct of lawyers in the state.

As Attorney Schleifer has just progressed to Experienced Member status,
he is now able to perform additional duties for the Board, including the

  • Prehearing Conferences
  • Security and Space Issues
  • Serving as a “Reviewing Member”
  • Petitions for Reinstatement from Inactive Status
  • Determination of the Validity of a Subpoena

With these new duties, Attorney Schleifer will be helping keep the lawyers
in the state of Pennsylvania honest and ensuring the law is upheld.

He has been fighting for the rights of individuals across Pennsylvania
since 1981, so he has acquired a reputation for being a skilled and seasoned
litigator and negotiator. Attorney Schleifer has dedicated his career
to justice, helping the victims of negligence recover compensation for
injuries, medical bills, and lost wages. His advocacy has helped his clients
recover millions of dollars from the negligent parties that led to their
injuries. As Attorney Schleifer is an experienced attorney and active
member of the community, this promotion is well deserved. Congratulations,
to one of our firm’s founders.

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