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How far away should you be from the steering wheel?

Updated:11/14/2022 Most often, individuals do not consider the position in which they sit when driving their vehicle. But, take a moment to ask yourself, “How far away do I sit from the steering wheel? Am I too close? If the airbag deploys, will I be injured more from the airbag’s impact?” Most people fail to consider the importance of maintaining a healthy distance away from the steering wheel to ensure they are safer in the event of an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a distance of about ten inches or more away from the steering wheel is the ideal driving position. Of course, this is due to the impact and power that airbags produce when deployed. In fact, research shows that the average airbag generates up to 2,000 pounds of force at a rate of 200 miles per hour. This means motorists can suffer severe if not fatal injuries in the event that a car accident occurs, causing the steering wheel airbag to deploy. Because our Philadelphia car accident lawyers care about your safety, we have listed some tips to ensure you remain at a healthy distance from your steering wheel:

  • Move your seat back
  • To avoid serious impact to the chest or face, tilt the steering wheel slightly downward
  • If you sit close to the steering wheel because you are short, have pedal adjusters installed
  • Maintain current distance from steering wheel while reclining the top part of the driver’s seat
  • If feasible, utilize pedal adjusters

Because many car companies are aware of these dangers, many have begun to offer power adjustable pedals to give drivers the option of extra pedal length. This means short drivers can adjust clutch, gas, and brake pedals without needing to move their seats closer to the steering wheel.

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