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Is Lane Splitting Legal in Pennsylvania?

Lane splitting is a controversial tactic motorcyclists may use to move more swiftly through traffic in certain situations. The act of lane splitting is the subject of many laws across the U.S. and is illegal in most states. Only one jurisdiction in the U.S. does not classify lane splitting by motorcyclists as unlawful. In Pennsylvania, lane splitting is illegal, and if a motorcyclist is lane splitting when an accident occurs, it could affect their right to compensation in a motorcycle accident claim.

If you are in a motorcycle accident and there are accusations you were lane splitting when the crash occurred, you could lose out on valuable compensation or could ultimately lose the right to pursue compensation entirely in some cases. If you are a driver of a vehicle involved in a crash with a motorcyclist who was lane splitting, this may be evidence of negligence to support your claim.

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What is Lane Splitting?

Lane splitting is an action that a motorcyclist may take when sharing the roadway with other vehicles. In lane splitting, the motorcyclist splits the lanes by driving between lanes and vehicles on the roadways. Oftentimes, lane splitting refers to when a motorcyclist travels between lanes while vehicles are moving steadily on the roadways, and filtering refers to when a motorcyclist uses the space between lanes to move ahead while vehicles are stopped or slowed due to traffic conditions. For purposes of Pennsylvania laws, whether or not the vehicles are moving when the motorcyclist travels between the lanes does not matter; the act is illegal in both situations. Either of the scenarios can have an effect on the outcome of a claim for compensation in an insurance claim or lawsuit.

How Dangerous is Motorcycle Lane Splitting?

The laws making lane splitting illegal aim to make the roads safer for motorcyclists and drivers alike. Typically, the act of lane splitting can heighten the danger to a motorcyclist because the drivers may be unaware of their presence or do not anticipate they are shifting between the lanes, which can cause the motorcycle rider to get hit by a vehicle. Lane splitting can cause hazards on the road, particularly when the roads are congested, and drivers can make abrupt lane changes and maneuvers that hit a motorcyclist directly or interject into their path while riding, leading to a devastating accident for all involved.

It is the responsibility of motorcycle riders to ensure they follow the laws of the road in Pennsylvania at all times and that they refrain from engaging in lane-splitting actions. Although it is against the law and is a dangerous act, there are motorcycle riders who may still engage in these riding behaviors while on the roads in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

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