Class Action Lawsuit in Federal Court

Class action law suit against insurance company who used wrong language in policy affecting UM benefits resulted in $3,200,000 settlement. Federal Court.


Tractor Trailer Accident

$2.1 million dollars recovered after a settlement in Federal Court Mediation for a man who was seriously injured in a collision with a tractor trailer. He suffered significant facial fractures, a right rotator cuff tear and a low back injury.


Drunk Driving Accident

$1,100,000 awarded to a woman injured as passenger in suit against bar who served other driver.


Construction Accident Fall

Injuries suffered from a fall on a New Jersey construction site settled at mediation. Injury to the low back resulted in surgery and work loss.


Back Injury

$600,000 jury verdict for man with back injury from incident with campus police.


Trucking Accident

After a truck driver developed PTSD due to a serious accident involving death to defendant, $1,000,000 was awarded. The accident occurred in Monroe County.


Motor Vehicle Accident

Plaintiff alleged disabling neck and arm injuries in rear-ender.


Million Dollar Recovery for Family of Stillborn Baby

Over one million dollars recovered for the family of a stillborn baby due to medical malpractice. This resulted from a failure to arrive to perform timely c-section resulting in death of full term baby.


Drunk Driving Accident

Married couple recovers from drunk driver and bars that served alcohol. 


Failure to Provide Allergen Warning

$700,000 settlement against a restaurant that failed to warn customers about food containing a concealed known allergen; anaphylactic reaction. Terms of settlement included addition of Allergen Warnings to customers


Motorcycle Accident

$525,000 settlement for estate of motor cycle rider who was blamed for accident for driving while on drugs.


Medical Malpractice

Settlement of $750,000 for Delayed Recognition of Adverse Drug Reaction.


Million Dollar Settlement for Work Injury

$1,000,000 settlement on eve of trial for undocumented worker seriously injured when steel beams crushed his pelvis while loading truck. This took place in Lebanon County.


Herniated Disc - Injury at Work

$235,000.00 recovered for an injured union window glazer who tipped over another subcontractor’s material herniating his disc.


Limited Tort - Underinsured Motorist Accident

Limited tort underinsured motorist settlement for cervical herniation with surgery, resulting in $236,000.


Multiple Work Injuries

$470,000.00 recovered for an injured worker who suffered multiple non life threatening injuries during demolition of an industrial property.


Underinsured Motorist Accident

Underinsured motorist settlement for fractured clavicle with surgery, resulting in a $410,000 settlement


Motor Vehicle Accident

$370,000 settlement for a 60 year old man with back and neck injury requiring surgery in a motor vehicle accident


Slip & Fall Accident

Attorney Scott Schleifer recently secured a $370,000.00 settlement for an 83 year old New Jersey resident who had suffered a fractured ankle when he slipped and fell on ice situated at the edge of a parking lot. The defendants were New Jersey businesses who owned or maintained the parking lot.


Escalator Accident

$365,000 settlement for boy who’s toe is trapped on escalator. Toe severed and re-attached.


Low Back Injury

Underinsured Motorist Arbitration Award for low back injury. This case resulted in recovering $150,000 for our client.


Underinsured Motorist Accident

Underinsured motorist settlement for nasal fracture, concussion and post traumatic stress, which led to a $335,000 settlement.


Injuries to Volunteer Fireman

$300,000 settlement for volunteer fireman, injured when run over while directing traffic. Leg and foot injury with RSD. Lehigh County.


Foot Fracture - Work Injury

$269,000.00 recovered for an injured worker who fell down stairs fracturing her foot.


Torn Rotator Cuff - Work Injury

We recovered $249,000 for an injured worker with torn rotator cuff from lifting.


Hospital Negligence

$470,000 settlement for hospital negligence, including failure to recognize/prevent ongoing administration of drug toxicity


Dental Malpractice

Over $500,000 recovered for various dental malpractice settlements, including wrongful extractions, erroneous implant placements, and third molar extractions causing nerve injury.


Suicide Case against Mental Health Provider

$225,000.00 Suicide Case against Mental Health Provider who was grossly negligent in providing psychiatric care to our Client.


Wrongful Death Due to Surgeon Negligence

$225,000 recovered for the family after a wrongful death involving post op negligence vs surgeon; failure to recognize and treat known post op complications.


Work Injury

$210,000 settlement for a worker injured after he slipped on a plank at work after the steps were removed by a sub-contractor. This occurred in Berks County.


Slip & Fall

HGSK partner, Mark Kogan , negotiated a resolution in June for the settlement of future wages and medical benefits related to a slip and fall while working in the amount of $200,000.00. The employer had terminated the employee’s employment following the injury.


Slip & Fall on Ice

Settlement slip and fall on ice causing low back injury. A $200,000 settlement was recovered in this case.


Roadway Defects Leading to Motor Vehicle Accident

$170,000 recovery due to roadway defect resulting in a motor vehicle accident. There was improper design and maintenance of roadway.


Resident Negligence

$150,000 recovered for resident negligence. This case included the failure to provide proper cardiac resuscitation.


General Surgeon Negligence

$350,000 recovered due to General surgeon negligence; failure to properly remove foreign object and great post op infection of non dominant finger/hand


Work Injury

HGSK partner, Mark Kogan, was able to negotiate a resolution for a settlement of a knee injury for $65,000.00 in Lancaster, PA. The injured worker twisted his knee and the employer had refused to accept the case resulting in litigation.


Slip & Fall

HGSK partner, Mark Kogan, received a decision granting wage loss benefits and medical benefits for a client injured as a result of a fall in Lebanon, PA. The Judge also awarded unreasonable contest due to the employer and insurance carrier’s refusal to file appropriate documents.


HGSK successfully represented the plaintiff in securing a favorable decision in a case of first impression in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.


The Superior Court of Pennsylvania of Pennsylvania has overturned a Trial Court decision thus finding in favor of HGSK’s client.

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