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Property owners and tenants under certain circumstances are responsible for dangerous and hazardous conditions that they knew or should have known about and which caused an individual to be injured. They have a duty to inspect their premises in a reasonable and periodic manner to identify any dangerous conditions, to warn of the existence of these dangerous conditions, and to adequately repair and remove the dangers in a timely manner.

Examples of dangerous conditions include:

  • Ice/snow on a sidewalk
  • Standing puddles of water or liquids on a floor
  • Unmarked freshly mopped floors
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Defective flooring
  • Improperly secured mats
  • Stairways and steps not constructed in compliance with building codes
  • Hidden or concealed holes

Property owners owe a duty of care to individuals who have an invitation, authority, or permission to be on the property, and even to trespassers under certain circumstances. If you have been hurt on someone’s property or need to act on behalf of an injured loved one, our Pennsylvania premises liability lawyers can help you with this challenging situation.

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